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Who We Are

Grace Concierge Medicine is your guide through the complexities of healthcare. With challenges like insurance hassles, long waits, and the inconvenience of leaving home, we understand your unique needs. Whether you're an artist manager seeking on-the-road medical support, a government leader prioritizing top-tier medical training for troops, or a busy parent avoiding urgent care lines, we've got you covered. At Grace Concierge Medicine, we bring the best care to you – at home, on tour with your band, or during troop training. Let us be your trusted guide to making the right healthcare choices.

Why We Do This

Why choose Grace Concierge Medicine? We're proud to be veteran owned and operated, on a mission to become the largest employer of veterans after the federal government. To achieve this, we prioritize hiring veteran medics, corpsmen, nurses, and doctors. Recognizing the significant gap of military medical staff in the civilian market, we've created a synergistic space where providers and medics collaborate seamlessly. When you choose Grace Concierge Medicine, you actively contribute to empowering veterans in your local community. Join us in making a difference in the lives of those who have served.

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