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Elevate the health and well-being of your music tour with Grace Concierge Medicine's specialized medical support services. Our team, comprising doctors, nurses, paramedics, and prior military medics, is dedicated to providing professional and reliable medical care tailored to the unique demands of the music industry.

Tour and Film Production

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Medical classes. Included

Kit rental. Included

Medications. Included

First responder bag for crew. Included

Comprehensive Medical Coverage

Wave goodbye to the worries of managing medications and healthcare on the road. Grace Concierge Medicine offers total medical coverage for artists and touring crews. Our experienced medics travel with you, providing 24-hour on-call services and addressing a variety of medical needs, including general consultations, mental health issues, and assisting individuals feeling unwell.

On-Tour Medical Support

Equipped with a comprehensive range of medical supplies and prescriptions, our team is ready to handle any health-related challenges that may arise during the tour. From load-in to load-out, from the artist on stage to their travels, our staff is onboard for the entire medical tour. With on-call doctors and nurses, we ensure seamless health support throughout your musical journey.

Medical Training and Preparedness

Beyond standard medical support, our medics are trained to provide medical trauma solutions and can instruct your team on essential emergency procedures. Everyone involved in your music tour gains access to crucial skills such as AED operation and tourniquet application, enhancing overall safety and preparedness.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Having Grace Concierge Medicine on your music tour not only prioritizes the health and safety of your team but also provides cost-effective solutions. We manage medical incidents internally, minimizing the need for external healthcare expenses. In the event of hospitalization, our team acts as a buffer, ensuring efficient assessment, treatment, and follow-up without wasting valuable time.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

Tour and Film Production: Services

Our Clients Say

"The safety and health of our touring team is a top priority. Touring is inherently dangerous and traveling with a trained medic on tour gave us the peace of mind to know we had someone looking out for our team immediately able to respond to any crisis. With the demands of modern touring, the propensity for injuries are high and the services of Grace Concierge Medicine offers are an on-tour insurance policy to protect your most valuable touring resource ...... your people."

Zito - Zito Productions - Nashville, TN

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