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Tour and Film Production

Professional. Reliable. Qualified Medical Support.

We staff music tours/ film production with medics and offer total medical coverage for the artist and their crew. With our medics on set you will no longer need to worry about medications, or paying doctors at specific locations. We offer a 24 hour on call service while our medics are on site traveling with you. Our medics are trained to handle all of your medical needs. We have providers that can handle people feeling ill, mental health issues, and general medical consultations. Additionally we carry with us our own medical supplies/prescriptions and our on-call doctors and nurses can provide other prescriptions  needed as luggage can get lost in transit. 

To further assist the tour or set our medics are trained in teaching medical trauma solutions to the people if needed. Everyone should should know how to use an AED and stop any hemorrhage with a tourniquet. 

By having us on board your tour or film production will in turn save money for your team because we can keep medical incidents "in-house" and also be the buffer if a hospital is needed so no time is wasted driving your team member to the hospital and back. We quickly assess the situation, provide treatment, then reassess or follow up as needed.

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